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Summary XP Version Master
Category scm
License BSD License
Owner(s) deanhiller

ScreenShots and Diff Tool Alpha Release
I challenge you to compare these two files...
with a side-by-side diff tool and with my XPVM Diff tool. Tell me which one you like better and how I can improve mine further.

Run XPVM Diff tool using webstart HERE

If you do not have webstart, please first get it HERE

You can also see some screenshots here

The goal of this project is to make an SCM that is easy for developers and builders. It is centered around a 2D Build Map and project versioning. This tool has file versioning also which maps to the project versioning. The source control systems analyzed before starting this project were
  • CVS
  • Clearcase
  • VSS
  • Subversion
  • SourceJammer
  • Eclipse(Stellation)
Clearcase was the closest but only had file version maps, not full project build maps. No one has done something quite like this before(at least not that I know of, if you find one that does, please let me know and I can join with them)

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